Hiking In New Zealand

Hiking In New Zealand


New Zealand is probably one of the best places in the world for hiking. With such a variety of scenery, hills, mountains, forests, lakes, rivers and beaches.

This site will help you to find the best New Zealand Hikes

I divided the Hikes (Tramps, Walks) you can do in New Zealand into 4 groups:


Hiking In New Zealand — 8 Comments

  1. Rob, I really like your site! It’s clean, informative and looks like a LOT of fun! NZ is such a beautiful country (been there once for a month long rugby tour) and absolutely adored it!! Would love to revisit! Are there any trails around the country side where they shot the movie Lord of the rings? Awesome work – Keep it up!!

  2. Hi Rob,

    Although I have never been to see New Zealand, I sure would like to someday. They say it is gorgeous. Your site makes me want to go even more. The pictures stunning. Is there better time of year to
    visit New Zealand?

  3. Hey Rob,

    You’re lucky to be in such a beautiful country with nature right at your doorstep. You might have convinced me to start walking and maybe even visit some day.

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