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My name is Rob. I have Dutch nationality, but I am a New Zealand resident since 1979.

meme with Green Lake near Rotorua in back ground


I started hiking (what they call ‘tramping’ in New Zealand) in 1983. This was a new experience to me. Coming from a flat country with hardly any wild nature, into a country with vast areas of mountains, native forests and wild streams from which you can drink the water.
I still go hiking very regular and enjoy it a lot. (See my blog page of the ‘Napier Family Tramping Group’)

On this site I like not only to tell you about the main hiking routes, with all the fancy tracks and huts, some of which can take 4 or 5 days to complete, but also the shorter less popular tracks out in the ‘back blocks’.

There is such a variety of scenery, length, steepness and altitude of hikes in New Zealand that there will be something to your liking. So come over to this beautiful country and enjoy the nature, freedom and fresh air.

Regards Rob

Founder of How To Find The Best Hiking Tracks In New Zealand

Email: rob@hikeinnewzealand.com