Hike to Lake Opouahi and Thomas’ Bush on July 25, 2015

On Sunday 26 July 2015 the Napier Family Tramping Group did a hike around Lake Opouahi and then further on to the Lookout at the top of Thamas’s Bush. The Lake Opouahi Scenic Reserve lies about 11km (7miles)west from Tutira along SH2, following Pohokura Rd. The reserve was turned into a Kiwi Creche in 2008 by putting a 3.2km (2mile) long stainless steel mesh predator proof fence around the area. The pest-proof fence protects juvenile kiwi chicks from being attacked by stoats and dogs. After 3 months the kiwi chicks are big enough to fend for themselves and are the released into the wild.

Map of Hike to Lake Opouahi and Thamas' Bush

Map of Hike to Lake Opouahi and Thamas’ Bush

Predator proof stainless steel mesh fence around Lake Opouahi Reserve

Predator proof stainless steel mesh fence around Lake Opouahi Reserve


Entry to Reserve. The wide sliding door makes sure that the entry and exit openings are not open at the same time.


Picnic shelter at the southern end of the lake.



Southern end of Lake Opouahi



Panoramic view from southern end of the Reserve.



Start of loop track around the Lake.



Northern end of Lake Opouahi.



Approaching Thomas’s Bush. We decided to do the loop track in clockwise direction.




Track through Thomas’ Bush.



We came across an interesting group of Beech trees.



Getting closer to the lookout



A bit of snow, left over from the blizzard the week before.



Panoramic view from the lookout at the top of Thoma’s Bush

On the way back we came across a weta box, one of the wetas was quite big

hollow tree.jpg

Then we saw this amazing beech tree, which is hollow from top to bottom, but still alive.


After this we went back to the car park, to head home after another enjoyable hike with The Napier Family Tramping Group


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