Popular One Day Walks

As an alternative to the ‘Nine Great Walks’ ,which are all multiple day hikes, you can choose from the following very scenic day hikes in different parts of New Zealand.

Twilight-Te Werahi Looprangitoto island loop

                     Twilight-Te Werahi Loop                                     Rangitoto Island Loop

Buck Taylor – Pararaha Stream Circuit
                                              Cape Kidnappers – Gannet Colony Walk

Coromandel Walkway                                                 Tongariro Alpine Crossing

Mount Victoria Wellington

Medlands Beach to Anchoragemount-robert-circuit
Medlands Beach to Anchorage Bay                                                                  Mt Robert Circuit

sealy tarns trackcharming-creek

                Sealy Tarns Track                                                   Charming Creek Walkway

New Zealand: Hiking up Avalanche Peakkey summit track

                       Avalanche Peak Circuit                                              Key Summit Track



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