Lake Waikareiti Walk


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The Lake Waikareiti Walk is a very popular hike in the Urewera National Park in the North Island. It starts at the Aniwaniwa Visitor Centre along the shore of Lake Waikaremoana and climbs up 300m (1000ft), with an easy grade, to a shelter at the edge of Lake Waikareiti. The return trip takes about 2 hours.

On the way you can enjoy the lush native forest with beech and rimu trees and with a bit of luck you might hear the sounds of the kaka(native parrot) and the kakariki (parakeet)

At the shelter you can sit down and enjoy the beautiful view over the lake or take a ride in one of the aluminum rowing boats. There are two islands in the lake that you can visit. You have to arrange the hire in the Visitors Centre before hand.

For people that like to spend the night at the lake, they can do that in Sandy Bay hut, which is about a 3 hour hike away from the shelter. It is a standard 18 bunk hut with heating and mattrasses. You need to book it in advance at the Visitors Centre or on line

To get to the start of the track, from Wairoa follow State Highway 38 to Lake Waikaremoana and follow the road along the lake to the car park just past the Visitors Centre.