HISTORY tramping groupThe Napier Family Tramping Group was founded in the mid nineties by some members and former members of the Napier Tramping Club. (Tramping is the New Zealand word for Hiking). These members had started families and it had become awkward to go out on hikes with the NTC. These hikes were and still are held every second weekend and require a reasonable fitness level. There was of course an option to take the children along on the NTC hikes, but more often then not these hikes would have been too hard for the children.

So the idea was born to establish a separate group that would go out on a hike or walk once a month. These hikes were of course of a level that wouldn’t cause any problems for the children. Another difference with the NTC hikes was they wouldn’t go out in adverse weather conditions.

In the beginning the group would have 10 to 15 families that would regular go out on hikes. Over the years after the children grew up and less and less people would come out. Now there is only a core of 3 or 4 families that will go hiking on a regular basis. Very few times that any of the children or young adults come along. A few adults without families also come along on the hikes

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