Hollyford Track

moraine-creek-track-swingbridge-over-the-hollyford-riverHollyford-Trackhollyford map
The Hollyford Track is situated in Fiordland National Park. It begins at the Lower Hollyford Road end and runs all the way to the Tasman Sea coast at Martins Bay. The hike is 56km (35 miles) long and takes 4 to 5 days to complete.

The hike can also be done the opposite way, by flying in to Martins Bay

The track runs at low altitude, so the hike can be done also in winter time.The track is also fairly flat, only 1 climb of about 60m (200ft) on the second day.

There are 6 huts along the track for the independent hikers, which are run by the Department of Conservation (DOC).You can also camp outside the huts during busy times.It is not possible to pre-book the huts. It is ‘first come, first served’.

Hikers that go on guided tours will spend the night in different more comfortable huts.

You can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the mountains, lakes, rivers and forests along the way. With a bit of luck you can see herons, penguins and seals along the coastline.

From the end point at Martins Bay you have the choice of walking all the way back to the start of the track or take a ride in jet boat, which will take you back to the confluence of the Pyke river and the Hollyford track. From this point it is a 5 hour hike back to the start of the track.