Mount Taranaki – Around the Mountain Circuit




The Mount Taranaki – Around the Mountain Circuit is situated near the West Coast of the North Island. As the title suggests it is a loop track around Mount Taranaki, the second highest volcano in New Zealand.

This mountain dominates the views in that part of the country. It rises from sea level to a height of 2518m (8400ft)

The hike is about 49km (30miles) long. It can be done in clockwise or anti- clockwise direction. There are 2 options. If you follow the lower slopes the hike will take 5 days and the higher slope option will take 4 days. The last option could be a bit tricky during the winter months, when the mountain is covered in snow and ice. You would need to use ice axes and crampons.

There are 4 huts along the way. They all have heating and mattresses. None of these huts can be booked in advance. It is a first come, first served policy.

The hike starts at the North Egmond Visitors Centre at the end of Egmond Road. This road starts in Egmond Village along State Highway 3 between New Plymouth and Inglewood