The Nine ‘Great Walks’

The Nine ‘Great Walks’ were given that name by the New Zealand Department of Conservation (DOC). They got this special status, because they are seen as very outstanding hiking routes through some of the most spectacular parts of New Zealand. They are the ultimate hikes in New Zealand.

In 2018 another ‘Great Walk’ will be added to the current ‘Nine”. It will be established in the Paparoa National Park and will be called  ‘The Pike29 Memorial Track’ in commemoration to the 29 men that died in the Pike River mine disaater in 2010

These are some of the best hiking trips New Zealand has to offer.

Three of these ‘Great Walks’ are in the North Island. One of these is actually not a walk, the ‘Whanganui Journey’ is a kayak trip along the Whanganui River.

Five ‘Great Walks’ are in the South Island and one on Stuart Island (small island south of the South Island)


Great Walks in the North Island
                                 Lake Waikaremoana Track                                                                  Tongariro Northern Circuit

                          Whanganui Journey


Great Walks in the South Island


                       Abel Tasman Coastal Track                                                            Heaphy Track

                                           Milford Track                                                                   Routeburn Track

Kepler-TrackThe Rakiura Track
                                 Keplar Track                                                                    Rakiuara Track (Stuart Island)