Kepler Track

Kepler-Track shutterstock_109911161-1Kepler-Trkmap-LGE

The Kepler Track is probably the most challenging hike of the ‘Nine Great walks’, with its vertical height difference of 1300m (4300ft) between the lowest and highest point.

For the really fit persons there is an annual Ultra Marathon, whereby the competitors run the full 60km(38 miles) track in one day. For normal hikers it would take 3 to 4 days to complete.

The track is a complete loop and can be done in both directions. There are beech forests and tussock grass along the lower parts of the hike. One day the track runs above the tree line and you will get stunning views of the surrounding mountains, valleys, rivers and lakes.

There are 3 huts and 2 campsites along the way. You need to make bookings for the huts and campsites for the summer season. Bookings can be made at any DoC Visitors Centre or on line.