Lake Waikaremoana Track

View over Lake Waikaremoana, with Panekiri Bluff in the distance.

map of walk around Lake Waikaremoana

The ‘Lake Waikaremoana Track’

As the name suggests the hike is around lake Waikaremoana, which is situated in a very remote part of the North Island and is part of Te Urewera National Park. The lake is surrounded by dense native forest.

The track follows the lake around and would take 3 to 5 days to complete.The total length is about 46km (26miles). The track is fairly flat except for the part that leads over the Panekiri Bluffs. This would be on the first day of the hike, if you go around clockwise.

You can do the hike in either direction. There are 5 designated campsites and 5 huts along the track,which can sleep up to 40 people.The huts have bunks with matrasses. There are also benches to cook on, but no cooking equipment, so you have to bring your own.

Have a look at the video that DoC (Department of Conservation) supplies.

You have to do bookings if you want stay overnight in any of the huts or campsites. This can be done at the Aniwaniwa Visitor Centre, at the eastern side of the lake, by telephone, fax, letter, or email. Bookings can also be made through a number of retailers in the North Island.