Whanganui Journey


The Whanganui Journey is of the so called ‘Nine Great Walks’of New Zealand. In reality it is kayak or canoe trip down the Whanganui River.

The Whanganui River flows through the Whanganui National Park. It starts on Mt Ruapehu and flows right to the Tasman Sea through native forests and canyons with steep cliffs. There are also lots of native birds to be heard and seen.

The Whanganui Journey starts in Taumaranui and Finishes in Pipiriki a total length of 145km (90 miles). It takes 3 to 5 days to complete

There are 8 camp sites and 2 Huts along the river. The huts also have adjacent camp sites. You need to make bookings for the campsites and huts during the summer season, which runs from November until April. You can do this on line. In the off season you still need passes to stay in the huts.